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There are lots of Catholics like me out there. We are lifelong practitioners of a certain age, folks who remember Pre-Vatican Two and were thrown into the deep end of Post-Vatican Two where we still swim. We are well read, but we are not theologians. We need to stick together so that we can navigate the tides of modern life which are probably just as choppy as they were 2000 years ago. Ordinary Old Catholic Me is Ordinary Old Catholic You. Let‘s walk together!

What Is the Meaning Lord?

When history becomes too pressing we often find ourselves asking "What is the Meaning of Life?" History is always pressing in reality. So I guess we are always asking the question. Today, I talk about a book, "Man's Search for Meaning" by the late Dr. Victor Frankl, who asked that question while he was a prisoner in a concentration camp during WWII. He found meaning even there. Surely we can now. 

Candice Azzara has been an actress of the stage, screen and television for many years. She has written a book, "God, Please Give Me Patience. . . .and Hurry!" with her creative partner, Michael Conley. She is working on a series of which she is the producer, writer and actress.  She is also a practicing Catholic which brings her to Ordinary Old Catholic Me for what I hope you will agree is a delightful first interview for this podcast. 

Los Angeles born Michael Conley has been a writer and publicist for many years and has teamed up with actress Candice Azzara in various projects, including their uplifting humourous book, "God Please Give Me Patience. . . .and Hurry!" They share a mutual love for the entertainment industry but also a profound Catholic Faith. Michael talks about his life-long Catholicism and how it has infused his life and work. 

In our modern, pseudo-enlightened age, even among those who claim to be believing Catholics, the idea, the REALITY, that in the Daily Mass, God becomes present in the Form of Bread and Wine, is given short shrift. But God will not be dismissed and He continues to be with Us and invite us all in this truly miraculous manner. It is a big subject, way bigger than anything this small program could encompass, but hopefully your interest is piqued and you will explore the Awesome Gift that is God in the Eucharist via the many erudite thinkers, from the Church Fathers to the Magisterium. 

Merton and Newman in Prayer

Two very different spiritual thinkers and writers. One, Newman, a declared Saint of the Church. The other a well known modern monk. Both provided and provide to this day, guidance to those in search of God and His Purpose for us. It will be good to spend time with them, and to cherish each of their prayers. 

Jesus calmed the Sea of Galilee when the Apostles became overwhelmed by fear.  I got a chance to be on a boat on that very water. He was not there in the way the Apostles saw Him, but His Presence was indeed.  I am sure I felt it, despite my heart of anxiety. He is with us always especially when we fear. We must pray hard for the Grace to understand that, and to accept it, and to banish the fear we have as we go through our lives. 

I started this podcast in tough times--are there any other? And tough times they remain. The pressures of the world and our/my activities with the sometimes approach the overwhelming. And the inner spiritual life sometimes seems isolated from the daily, where it is, really most needed. Just some thoughts on the dilemma, for me. And for you?

Another friend from my parish willing to sit down with Ordinary Old Catholic Me and talk about how his life is informed by the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. Thanks to actor/writer/transplanted New Yorker, Richard Antonio for sitting down with me to talk a bit about the integration of faith with daily life. 

Do we ask too much of God with demanding expectation and not enough understanding of His Plan? Wander with me as I explore whether we need to do less petitioning and more the other forms of prayer, Adoration, Thanksgiving and Repentence. And how does the Rosary turn out to impact my conclusion? Sometimes while I am doing these podcasts I get surprised by the Lord.

What the Hell?

I read a book, "Dare We Hope" not long ago, and it raised lots of issues regarding hell. The premise, has since the beginning of Catholicism to date, led to a lot of debate. It is whether we can hope that no one is in that place, state, or whatever we conclude it is called "Hell". Dare We Hope opens the possibility that the separation may not be permanent despite our poor exercise of free will.  Is that a good thing? I throw it out for us to consider. 

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